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0 History of Birds Pigeons Boxer / Kolongan Indonesia

Pigeon championship tournament was held 3 months

If there is one word / info as sincerely apologize and ask for the sincerity of the alignment to be the knowledge we all Thank you
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As far as my personal knowledge and hearsay that developed in the pigeon lovers, begins with Team Makita as the national team in the dove field, consisting of IKI and Comrade Hockey beramain friends in the national race. but among the great team that was going very complex issues in the field of doves or be in Katan difference between the vision and mission team members MAKITA. and finally the team is broken into several parts of the national team. from one team has an idea and initiated the tournament to make something different instead of the usual racing.
then developed the idea of ​​making something like a racing tournament that can be carried out anywhere and everywhere In areas to be implemented race or tournament. but different from that developed the idea of ​​racing kolongan where there is a stall and 8m high pole in the flag and put the bird into the halyard through the box.
There are two versions of the type kolongan:

Kolongan version is free: there is a box that is just a flag pole rope and no tables.
Kolongan version of the table: that there is a table where the bird has to come down on the table under the foam and into the box past the flag.
Bird species including birds kolongan include:

Bird Tinggian (high flyer): the bird that can fly high (high flyers) and go with a nice tight stut and rushing downs.
Jablay birds (rarely in the smoothed): the bird of low flying start but at the close pal / kolongan which he would rise and go through the box and into the flag on the table / in the specified area.
Bird Stable (stable): the bird according to its name this bird is stable without any provocation from the opponent's shock or other birds and go.
of the possibility of a pigeon birds on to win the race to win it all in because if the birds could be lost with the possibility jablay Tinggian Bird (high flyers) or vice versa.

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